Leanne Barrett: Creativity: Week 6 2024 - Wardrobe Dilemma

Friday 9 February 2024

Creativity: Week 6 2024 - Wardrobe Dilemma

Week 6: Caring - I choose to care for myself. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Spirit please assist  me to say yes to stepping stones of health, creativity and spiritual connection so I can care for myself in a ease-filled way.

Wardrobe Dilemma...how to turn self care into a joy filled creative moment.

Working from home as an artist I've let comfort become the order of the day when it comes to getting ready for work. Most days I throw on my leggings with a t-shirt, some days I stay in my PJs until lunchtime.

As part of my self care this week - as I'm not painting with acrylic paints - I have ditched my comfy clothing for something more smart casual and adding some costume jewellery to the outfit.  It's been joyful! It has made me feel more like my "old" or younger self, the woman that often wore scarves or necklaces to complete her outfit.

Yesterday I chose a necklace to wear that has a matching bracelet but when I put on the bracelet the beads went flying everywhere. The elastic had deteriorated and snapped. I thought that's ok I have another two in the box but the same thing happened. I had a dilemma - do I throw them out or try to fix them?  

One youtube video later about how to tie a sliding knot clasp and I was up and running again with two newly strung bracelets.

Materials used to restring the bracelet; beads, cotton thread, needle and scissors plus a youtube video.

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