Leanne Barrett: November 2017

Thursday 30 November 2017

Tania McCartney's November Launches with a Twist

It has been such a huge month for friend and fellow creator Tania McCartney.

Tania is always looking for new, exciting and original ways to connect with the community and in November she hosted two launches with a twist.

The first launch was a WINDOW REVEAL at Harry Hartog Bookseller in Woden on 13 November. The window reveal was part of her launch of her first Christmas book, Merry Everything. See a review here

The second launch was a MAP LAUNCH, 26 November, where we celebrated the launch of Tania's Australia Illustrated Map, see review here. This is her first map (she is currently working on a World Map) and you really have to get a copy to fully appreciate how much information she has packed into this map. There is so much to look at, just like if you travelled around Australia.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

SCBWI Story Time Opening Night

Twas the night of the opening, 
excitement was abound.

The artists were gathering and there was a giggling sound.

The paintings were hung by Grace and Pixie with care,
in the hope that the stories would soon be shared.

Family and friends were a twitter, 
enjoying the show,
and the artists were thrilled,
as more creativity flowed.

There were numbats and olives, rhinoceroses too.
With a number of koalas painted in a greyish blue.

There were mice and chickens and a few little ducks
So thanks to everyone who wished us good luck.

It was a fabulous night of celebration and cheer.
I do hope we get to do this again, next year.

Tuesday 28 November 2017

On my way with Scribbles

I joined Jen Storer's online course Scribbles a few weeks ago and in the last 24 hours I have made my Pledge and decorated my Notebook.

I made my Scribbles Pledge to make a mess and write, write, write. When signing my pledge I surrounded myself with items of significance to me. 

Things I love.
Things that help me create.
And a bowl that I created many years ago to remind me that I have been a creator for a long time.

My playlist was Dirty Dancing - I've had the time of my life, Hungry eyes and She's like the wind.

With me during my pledge is my ever constant companion and shadow - Jay. He has been with me for many years through good and bad times and times of great change. He even inspires me at times. Keeps me moving and lifts my spirit.

Monday 27 November 2017

Getting Reading for the SCBWI Story Time Art Exhibition

Create. Replicate. Frame. Pack. Celebrate.

DAUNTING is the first word I would use to described how I felt when I was invited (or was it coerced?) to be one of the artists showing their illustrations at SCBWI ACT's exhibition, Story Time. The exhibition is open from 6pm,    28 November to 10 December 2017 at Smith's Alternative Gallery, Canberra.

The second word is AFFIRMING. As an aspiring illustrator there are many moments of self doubt, is my work good enough to share? Thank you to my colleagues and friends for the lovely comments you have made about the my illustration sneak peaks.

The third word is SUPPORTIVE. I have appreciated the support that I have received from other creators over the past two months while I have created my exhibition illustrations. Thanks for the encouragement and tips.

Monday 13 November 2017

7 Day Black & White Photo Challenge

I was nominated by my friend Cate Whittle to join the 7 Day Black & White Photo Challenge.
No People. No Explanations.

Part of the challenge is to nominate others to join in - a modern chain letter! I did invite my little sister to join in because I know she likes photography and I felt that she would enjoy the challenge BUT I didn't invite anyone else to join after day 1.

During the challenge I wanted to show texture and form. 
In the bike photo I loved the shadows that were cast onto the pot. 
Day 1 - 5 are all taken in the New Acton precinct.