Leanne Barrett: June 2024

Friday 21 June 2024

Creative Life: Week 25 2024 - Connecting and Moving Forward

Week 25: Momentum - I will take one step forward every day. (SoulSistersToo: Creative)
Intention Setting: Spirit, please help me notice the steps I need to take to move forward.

Connecting and Moving Forward...

This week spirit guided me to connect with friends and family through a variety of ways;
  • Visiting them for the day
  • Catching up over a cuppa in a cafe
  • Texting messages and sending photos
  • Phone calls
  • Chill out time
When I connect with these special people (people who build me up) I am reminded that these interactions are inspiring and supportive. This was a message I truly needed after so many months working alone on preparing my art exhibition. 

In sharing with loved ones what I've been doing (reflecting) and listening to what they have been experiencing I have discovered a new feeling of momentum. Now, I have a pathway to move towards what I'd like to achieve in the remainder of this year and even in future years. (I find myself thinking about the next exhibition, even though I don't have any new artworks yet.)

Spirit also showed me that sometimes inspiration can come from browsing in a bookstore. I just love bookstores and seeing what delights can be found inside. Unlike last time I went book shopping when I entered the shop this time I didn't have any titles in mind, but soon, two books caught my eye.

Friday 14 June 2024

Creative Life: Week 24 2024 - Music Is Joy

Week 24: Musicality - Today I will listen to or play music. (SoulSistersToo: Creative)
Intention Setting: Take joy in all kinds of music that your hear or create.

Music Is Joy... 

For me music is joy. I love to listen to music all day long, espically when I create art.
I listen to the radio or to CDs
I sing
I create music on the piano
I listen to bird song 
I hear the sounds of nature and the city - songs of the environment
Music makes my soul soar
Music moves me into flow
Music is life

Last weekend I listened to ABC Classic FM to see which songs were voted as the top 100 feel-good classics. My favourite song was number 7 on the list - The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins.

I wonder where your favourite song ranked?

Friday 7 June 2024

Creativity: Week 23 2024 - Passion Celebration

Week 23: Passion - I choose to do my passion now. I will not wait. (SoulSistersToo: Creative)
Intention Setting: Enjoy the fruits of my passion by sharing my artwork in my solo exhibition.

Passion Celebration...

After not publicly displaying my artwork since the beginning of the covid pandemic it was time to embrace my passion for creating art and to take joy in sharing  my artwork in my first solo exhibition. 

Thank you everyone who helped me celebrate my passion by visiting my exhibition. And thank you  to those of you who chose to take some of my art home with you. And finally a big thank you to hubby, who attended the exhibition everyday to keep me company and to assist me as required. 

Saturday 1 June 2024

Affirmations for June 2024

Affirmations for June 2024

Monthly Affirmation: Hear - Today I heard...and it made me smile (SoulSistersToo: Living)
Monthly Intention Setting: May I be open to hear mindfully as I go about my daily activities.