Leanne Barrett: December 2020

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Morning Recharge

I love to start my morning by recharging the soul, body and the mind.

Today my morning began with some light tidying up around the house. I like the feeling I get when the house is tidy. The spaces feel ready for whatever will happen next in the room. For me it is an aesthetics feeling, the pleasure and a calmness that everything is ready for the day.   

With the tidying done I felt ready move into my morning ritual. This ritual grounds me and prepares me for the the day ahead. My soul nourishing ritual consists of;
  • lighting a candle
  • putting on some background music (often some Enya)
  • prayer/affirmations/oracle cards
  • journaling

During today's journaling session I reflected on the concept of routine vs ritual. It was a rabbit hole of thoughts and ideas, thinking about the automation of an action and the intentions behind an action which makes an action part of a routine or a ritual.

After my deep dive I nourished my body with a yummy breakfast and my mind with a little light reading.