Leanne Barrett: November 2023

Monday 27 November 2023

Affirmations: Week 48 2023 - Spirit

Affirmation for Week 48 2023: Spirit - When I let go, I trust the universe to lead me. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)

Intention Setting: May I learn to trust in letting go and let spirit and intuition be my guide.

Adding embroidery to an artwork, letting spirit guide
the placement of the stitches and the colour selections.

Monday 20 November 2023

Affirmations: Week 47 2023 - Breathe

Affirmation for Week 47 2023: Breathe - I will take a moment to center myself and breathe. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)

Intention Setting: Spirit, show me different ways to center and breathe.

Monday 13 November 2023

Affirmations: Week 46 2023 - Exploration

Affirmation for Week 46 2023: Exploration - Explore something I've never done before. (SoulSistersToo - Living)

Intention Setting: Seek new experiences and ways of thinking this week.

New art process
Preparing to collage pressed leaves onto canvas

Monday 6 November 2023

Affirmations: Week 45 2023 - Permission

Affirmation for Week 45 2023: Permission - I am allowed to say no. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)

Intention Setting: Follow where creative inspiration takes you.

Saying yes to a slow morning and drinking Sencha Tea.

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Affirmations: November 2023 - Uplift

Affirmation for the Month of November 2023: Uplift - I choose relationships that build me up. (SoulSistersToo - Living)

Collage Intention Setting: Spirit, May you assist me to bring a focus on relationships that uplift me.