Leanne Barrett: September 2022

Monday 26 September 2022

Affirmations: Week 39 - Stillness

Affirmation for Week 39: Stillness - Take moments to be still.

Collage Intention Setting: May spirit guide me to take moments of stillness in my busy week ahead.  

Monday 19 September 2022

Affirmations: Week 38 - Confidence

Affirmation for Week 38: Confidence - Seeing a movie or eating lunch in a cafe by myself is okay.

Collage Intention Setting: Show me how to feel confident about actions I choose to do solo.

Monday 12 September 2022

Affirmations: Week 37 - See

Affirmation for Week 37: See - Today I saw...and it made me smile.

Collage Intentions: May I be mindful and notice what makes me smile. I spy with my little eye, something that makes me smile.

Monday 5 September 2022

Affirmations: Week 36 - Patience

Affirmation for Week 36: Patience - Be patient. Make small achievable steps.

Collage Intention: Show me how to make small achievable steps.

Thursday 1 September 2022

Affirmations: September - Uplift

Affirmation for September: Uplift - I choose relationships that build me up.

Collage Intention Setting: May spirit send me people who enhance my life journey.