Leanne Barrett: Contact & FAQs

Contact & FAQs

Contact Leanne

I can be contacted via email at info@leannebarrett.com

Social Media
You can contact or follow me on the following social media platforms:

Facebook www.facebook.com/leannebarrettwriter
Instagram www.instagram.com/leannebarrettartist
Pinterest www.pinterest.com.au/leannebarrettartist

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I subscribe to Leanne's newsletter?
To subscribe to my newsletter you can sign up in the sidebar on the web version of my website.

My newsletter will be emailed to you up to 4 times a year. 
It will highlight all things literary and art.
Sneak peaks at my illustrations and stories.
Plus an overview of events or courses that I have recently attended. 

As a newsletter subscriber you will also receive the following information;
  • invitations to my events   
  • advance notices of any special offers 
My newsletter is provided using MailChimp.

I only collect your name and email address that you provided for the purpose of sending you information outlined above. I will not sell or give away your data. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of all of my newsletters, invitations and advance notices.

How can I get my own copy of one of Leanne's Illustrations?
If you are interested in purchasing one my illustrations please email me at info@leannebarrett.com
In your message please identify which illustration you are interested in purchasing.

Please note: Sizes and prices of illustrations can vary from illustration to illustration. 
I can now accepted payments though a Square Reader: Visa, tap-and-go, MasterCard and American Express card payments as well as Apple pay and Android pay.

How can I make a booking for Leanne to give a presentation or workshop?
If you are interested in booking me to give a presentation or workshop please contact me at info@leannebarrett.com
I can tailor an event to your requirements.
I have the following qualifications  BEd Aust.Cath. and MEd C.Sturt.

Is Leanne registered to work with vulnerable people?
I am registered in the ACT to WWVP.

Does Leanne have an ABN?

Yes. My ABN is 25 351 507 370

Is Leanne registered for GST?


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