Leanne Barrett: Creative Life: Week 24 2024 - Music Is Joy

Friday 14 June 2024

Creative Life: Week 24 2024 - Music Is Joy

Week 24: Musicality - Today I will listen to or play music. (SoulSistersToo: Creative)
Intention Setting: Take joy in all kinds of music that your hear or create.

Music Is Joy... 

For me music is joy. I love to listen to music all day long, espically when I create art.
I listen to the radio or to CDs
I sing
I create music on the piano
I listen to bird song 
I hear the sounds of nature and the city - songs of the environment
Music makes my soul soar
Music moves me into flow
Music is life

Last weekend I listened to ABC Classic FM to see which songs were voted as the top 100 feel-good classics. My favourite song was number 7 on the list - The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins.

I wonder where your favourite song ranked?

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