Leanne Barrett: SCBWI Story Time Opening Night

Wednesday 29 November 2017

SCBWI Story Time Opening Night

Twas the night of the opening, 
excitement was abound.

The artists were gathering and there was a giggling sound.

The paintings were hung by Grace and Pixie with care,
in the hope that the stories would soon be shared.

Family and friends were a twitter, 
enjoying the show,
and the artists were thrilled,
as more creativity flowed.

There were numbats and olives, rhinoceroses too.
With a number of koalas painted in a greyish blue.

There were mice and chickens and a few little ducks
So thanks to everyone who wished us good luck.

It was a fabulous night of celebration and cheer.
I do hope we get to do this again, next year.

Thank you to SCBWI, Smith's Alternative Gallery and Grace and Pixie Bryant for the opportunity to show our illustrations and the chance to share our illustration stories.

Pixie's opening comments

It was night of joy, laughter and celebration. I am so thrilled to be in an exhibition with such wonderful creative and generous people; Grace Bryant, Gemma Harrison, Genevieve Hopkins, Jennifer Hulme, Tania McCartney and Joy McDonald.  

Jennifer, Leanne, Genevieve, Tania, Grace, Gemma
Little budding artist and Joy

The Story Time exhibition is an occasion for artists to feel extremely proud of the time and effort that they put into their craft. It gives me so much pleasure to see that our creations, our illustrations bring to others as much delight as we experienced when we created them.

So pleased to see so many family and friends last night.

Kristie, Leanne & Sarah
Leanne & Harry
Leanne & Karen
Tania & Leanne
Krys & Leanne
I am thrilled that not only did I sell my first artwork ever but that all of my Black and White hand painted illustrations were bought by family and friends last night. 

1st painting sold

The magic of these kind of events is that they are a chance to share and grow in confidence. As a creator I always feel more inspired after experiencing so much support, love and joy. I have so many new ideas swimming in my imagination and I look forward to sharing them with you some day soon.


  1. What a beautiful, supportive and talented crew you are. Loved reading this and see these wonderful pics! xo

    1. They are the most amazing group of people that empower other creators to reach for their goals. Just like The Duck Pond paddlers.

  2. Love this sooooo much - talent celebrated, displayed and shared - call this a winning night!

    1. It is a great event for all the reasons you described. We are now looking forward to another at the end of 2018.