Leanne Barrett: Affirmations for February 2024

Thursday 1 February 2024

Affirmations for February 2024

Affirmations for February 2024.

Monthly Affirmation: Achieve - be proud to achieve even the tiniest goal. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled) 
Intention Setting: Spirit please assist me in moving forward towards my goals by moving through the small steps.

Week 6: Caring - I choose to care for myself. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Spirit please assist  me to say yes to stepping stones of health, creativity and spiritual connection so I can care for myself in a ease-filled way.

Week 7: Breathe - I will take a moment to center myself and breathe. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Each morning may I breathe and centre myself to listen to my body, mind and spirit about how I can live an ease-filled day achieving my stepping stones.

Week 8: Reverence - I choose self care. (SoulSistersToo - Living)
Intention Setting: Spirit, May I remember to take moments of care as I strive to achieve my stepping stones. 

Week 9: Health - I choose to live a healthier life. (SoulSistersToo - Living)
Intention Setting: Spirit, May you continue to guide me in choosing healthy life choices for my body, mind and soul.

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