Leanne Barrett: Creative Life: Week 7 2024 - Feeding the Creative Soul

Friday 16 February 2024

Creative Life: Week 7 2024 - Feeding the Creative Soul

Week 7: Breathe - I will take a moment to center myself and breathe. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Each morning may I breathe and centre myself to listen to my body, mind and spirit about how I can live an ease-filled day achieving my stepping stones.

Feeding the Creative Soul....making a spiritual connection with a friend.

I work alone and at home so it is easy to become isolated - other than seeing the people you live with or a weekly phone call with your mother.

So when I wrote my ease-filled stepping stones I added one labeled, visit friends. This week I set aside time to see my bestie - we've been friends since we went to kindergarten together. We debriefed, shared, laughed and talked about art. 

It's like a feeding of my creative soul, a spiritual refresh when living a creative life. And after she left I had energy to play with some materials I rarely use.

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