Leanne Barrett: Creative Life: Week 9 2024 - Grounding

Thursday 29 February 2024

Creative Life: Week 9 2024 - Grounding

Week 9: Health - I choose to live a healthier life. (SoulSistersToo - Living)
Intention Setting: Spirit, May you continue to guide me in choosing healthy life choices for my body, mind and soul.


When hubby and I are at our coastal home we often spend some of the evening by the ocean, watching the waves. This week while sitting at the picnic table I took off my shoes to feel the grass between my toes. Grounding is something that I have to consciously make time to do because when you live in an apartment you are surrounded by humanmade surfaces, with little to no opportunity to feel the earth with your bare feet.

For me it is easier to live a creative life when my body, mind and soul feel balanced, heard and acknowledged.

Health - Being outside taking in the fresh ocean air. Breathing is Grounding. 
(There is the belief that being barefoot on earth - earthing - can have a wide range of health benefits.)

Mind - Watching waves with your feet on the natural ground is meditative and inspiring. Feeling Nature is Grounding.

Soul - A connection to mother earth, nature and energy. Spiritual Grounding.

I hope that you too can find time to feel grounded with your bare feet on the earth, balancing your body, mind and soul.

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