Leanne Barrett: Creative Life: Week 20 2024 - Discovery and Fun

Friday 17 May 2024

Creative Life: Week 20 2024 - Discovery and Fun

Week 20: Playfulness - Today find time to connect to the child within me. (SoulSistersToo - Creativity)
Intention Setting: Spirit, please show me ways to connect to my child.

Discovery and Fun...

While my chores and work do list is long, there is always time -  even if only for 5 minutes - each day to connect to the child within. 

What does it mean to connect to your inner child? I think it is about connecting to the joy of play, discovery and doing things just for the love of it, that children innately do. As an creative noticing what I love is important because that is what inspires my art.

Mmmm what can I do to connect with my child within? To start I could do some of the following;
  • colouring-in
  • drawing with textas or crayons
  • collecting something from nature
  • seeing how many different coloured leaves I can find - especially as it currently autumn

What ways can you connect to what you liked to do as a child?

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