Leanne Barrett: Noticing the little things in life

Saturday 9 December 2017

Noticing the little things in life

As an writer and illustrator I  tend to work a lot of my day sitting at my kitchen bench or desk. My massage therapist reminds me that I need to regularly move and stretch, otherwise my muscles tighten and I suffer from back, hip and neck pain.

I try to remind myself that I need to take care of myself before I can create.

How do I do this?
I set my timer or my creative partner (my dog, Jay) reminds me to check my posture and stretch my muscles.
Jay sees his job (besides sleeping at my feet) as the one who guarantees that I stop every 3 to 4 hours for a short walk, a doggy toilet break as we live in a high-rise apartment.

These mini walks are fabulous for several reasons.
  • I have to move.
  • I get a burst of fresh air.
  • I often socialise with people that we meet on our walks.
  • Story lines or illustration ideas come to light when my mind clears.

But the thing that I like best about walking, is the moment when my brain switches off and I become present in the moment. It is at this point that I begin to notice the little things in my environment.

While in the moment I see the birds, a new fallen leaf or see a new flower that has unfolded from its bud.

Here are some of the little things that I have noticed in the last two weeks.

A Ladybug

A seedling growing in an unusual place

Baby acorns
A feather

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