Leanne Barrett: Illustration Goals for 2018 - Character Design

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Illustration Goals for 2018 - Character Design

In 2018 I want to create illustrations where I focus on developing characters. I want these illustrations to go towards an illustration portfolio that I can present for appraisal then to show to publisher in 2019.

With this in mind I joined the illustrating group Character Design Weekly Challenge on 8 December 2017, this Facebook group was started by Heidi Cooper Smith on 5 December 2017. Already it is a fabulous supportive community.

I also plan to join the Nina Rycroft online classes via Skillshare. I have been wanting to do these classes for 6 months now and I look forward to learning drawing techniques to further develop my own illustration style.

I have been working on my watercolour and B & W, hen and duck illustrations for several months now and upon a request from my little sister it has culminated into this new rabbit character.

I have also been working on learning new techniques to apply to watercolour painting; wax, cling wrap, salt, masking, cotton ball and tip application, bubble wrap, ink with watercolour and water pens.

Some of the most useful YouTube videos have been;
Kirsty Partridge 10 Easy Watercolor Techniques for Beginners
Jay Lee - Basic Watercolor Techniques 148 and  8 Watercolor Techniques for Beginners 145.

So I'm off to do some  more painting now and try the salt technique again - I really want to master this application.

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