Leanne Barrett: Journaling and Photos

Monday 11 January 2021

Journaling and Photos

Today I began a new addition to my journal pages, photos. 

I have been wanting to add images of things that I reflect on while journaling but I wanted it to be quick and easy. I didn't want to have log onto my PC and then print photos. The light-bulb moment was the idea of using instant photos - polaroids like photos.

After some researching I decided to take the plunge and buy a Fujiflim InstaxMini LiPlay camera and printer. 

The LiPlay model allows me to;
  • instantly print photos with the added bonus of being able to choose which one to print (it doesn't have to print each photo you take)
  • save images to an mini SD card
  • add a few seconds of sound to a photo using QR codes (I haven't tried this out yet) 
  • print photos from your mobile phone using a app
  • add frames to photos
  • turn the flash off
  • plus so much more

Downsides? I cannot zoom with the camera's lens to take a close up of the photo's subject. It will focus on objects that are close, 10cm. However at the printing phase you can edit the image and zoom in on the photo's subject.

So far so good.

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