Leanne Barrett: Intention Setting for 2021

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Intention Setting for 2021

I have chosen several ways to set my intentions for this year.

Word of the Year: Nurture

My wish for 2021: Nurturing and Creativity. I choose to nurture myself by living a creative life in 2021.

Dream list for 2021: Some of my dreams this year are centred around our new part-time home (apartment) in the NSW South Coast town, Gerringong. I am deep in the creativity flow of decor; choosing furniture, crockery, curtains, pillows, rugs and right down to the type of light bulbs we will use in the lamps. Some items chosen will be new and others will be secondhand. 

Oracle cards: I randomly chose cards from the Wisdom Oracle deck, one card for the year and a card for each month. The over arching card for 2021 is 'Treasure Island'.

Affirmation cards: Several years ago I wrote a list of affirmations using the wisdom I had learnt up to that moment in my life. Like the oracle cards I randomly selected one card for the year and each month. The over arching card for 2021 is: I am happier and stronger when I follow my dreams.

I would love to hear what is your word of the year, wish, oracle card or affirmation is for 2021? 

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