Leanne Barrett: How are you growing?

Tuesday 6 October 2020

How are you growing?

At the begging of each year I spend some time dream visioning and creating a time line to achieve my goals. My main focus for 2020 was to;
  • form habits to maintain a healthier lifestyle,
  • support, connect and inspire creatives to live their dream life and
  • create art to share, exhibit and sell.
When COVID arrived I realised that I would need support from a creative coach whose energy would help keep me focused and feeling positive. 

This week I have been reflecting on how have I grown during 2020.
  • This year is the first time I’ve truly said yes to support from a coach, accountability sisters and from other wise women.
  • I am learning how to not listen to my inner critic and create new stories to listen to. 
  • I am embracing my perfectly imperfect life because forming new habits is hard. 
  • I am listening more to the knowledge and wisdom that is already inside me. 
  • I am learning to be vulnerable and put my artwork into exhibitions and competitions. 
  • I have learnt to consistently do activities that I know will raise my energy levels when I feel low.
  • I now recognise which days I need to go gently on myself and I give myself permission to take this time to rest and recover, especially at the beginning of my menstruation cycle. 
  • I have grown spiritually. Finding peace within the energy of nature and meditation.
  • I also have learnt to pause between activities and celebrate all of my small wins. 

                How have you grown this year?
                • Have you learnt from a course you have taken?
                • Did you try something new that you have never done before?
                • Are you learning to say no, to create space to do what you really want to do?
                • Have you been practising a new habit you want to develop? 
                • Did you say yes to accepting support from others?
                • Are you achieving things on you dream/bucket list? 
                • Did you being to not to listen to the inner critic and old stories that hold you back?
                • Are you learning to reward yourself and celebrate your achievements?

                I would love to hear how you are growing, so I am able to celebrate your wins with you.

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