Leanne Barrett: Walking mindfully in spring

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Walking mindfully in spring

I am imperfect. While I want to walk every day I often let life get in the way. I generally find that the best time for me to walk is as soon as I get out of bed. At this time of the morning the city streets are still quiet (only a few cars and cyclists) so I can walk more mindfully and notice the natural world around me.

We are now half way through spring and the trees are covered with leaves and there are new flowers blooming. Today the grey sky promises a potential spring shower and under this muted light the colours dance brightly before my eyes. 

In some spots along my walk I can smell the freshly cut grass. In other places the grass is thicker and longer (awaiting the gardener's mower) and amongst the leaves of grass I spy a special find that makes a smile form on my face...a feather. 

Feathers remind me of my sisters from Woman Unleashed - what does the feather symbolise? The feather also reminds me of my friend Karen Hendrik's picture book, Feathers. It is also a reminder of my grandmother, who passed away almost a year ago. But this is not a sad memory it is a joyful moment...I am not alone.

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