Leanne Barrett: Spring Renewal: There is still time to achieve your 2020 goals

Monday 14 September 2020

Spring Renewal: There is still time to achieve your 2020 goals

During winter I found my new daily practice began to give way to past habits, old excuses came flooding back. With the colder days I wanted to hibernate inside and by the end of August I didn't want to walk outside in the darker morning light. My energy was low and before I knew it I had stopped journaling. 

With the end of winter there was a shift in the air. A switch had been flipped to spring. With the coming of spring there is more daylight hours. The air feels warmer and nature is awaking from its torpor and so am I. 

On the first day of spring I went for a morning walk. I noticed buds swelling and blossoms unfolding. My energy levels began to grow with the daylight.

Spring is a perfect time to reconnect with my goals.
With one quarter of the year still to come it's not too late to revisit what I want to accomplish in 2020.

My spring renewal involves rebooting my goals.

Step One: Revisit my goals.

By 31 December 2020 I will have a daily practice that looks after my body, mind and soul. I can walk an hour, I journal and I connect to spirit every day. I have habits that can maintain this lifestyle change.

Step Two: Review the small steps I need to achieve my goal.

Body: Walking: Set out the clothes I need before I go to sleep. Go to sleep earlier so I have the energy to rise earlier. Walk 10 minutes, increasing this length of time every two weeks.

Mind & Soul: Journaling and connecting to spirit. Add items into my daily practice basket; journal, pens, candle with matches, relaxing music, oracle cards, affirmation cards and prayer book. 

Step Three: Schedule time in my calendar.

Block time into my morning schedule to achieve my daily practice. Walk upon waking in the morning. When I get home journal and connect to spirit before breakfast.

Feelings post my spring renewal.

I feel more energetic than I did before my goal reboot. My body, mind and soul feel reconnected, and I have a greater sense of clarity. 

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