Leanne Barrett: Dream Nourishing: Taking a time out of your regular life

Monday 7 September 2020

Dream Nourishing: Taking a time out of your regular life

Taking a time out of your regular life can be as small as taking an afternoon off work or something longer like a two week holiday. 

It is important to schedule these breaks into your calendar. The intention behind this is to ensure that you have opportunities to relax, recharge, do something you enjoy and to get away from the normalcy of your daily life.

I like to call this time, Dream Nourishing. It is time to do things that are on your dream/bucket list and time to nourish your body, mind and soul.

For me a mini dream nourishing or a perfect day would usually consist of; sitting on a park bench to enjoy the view, visiting a gallery/museum, partaking in a beauty treatment, going to the movies, socialising in a cafe for hours, perusing the shelves of bookshops and exploring new towns or cities. 

Once a year I like to take a block of dream nourishing time. A block of two weeks gives me time to immerse myself into a relaxed state and deeply explore things that I am curious about. 

This year my trip away felt more important than those of previous years, probably due to the many disruptions of 'normal life' in 2020 such as the summer bush fires and smoke, and then Covid-19. The trip away did nourish my body, mind and soul, plus it gave me time to do a few items on my dream list eg paint the ocean.

Body Nourishing: 

  • Purchasing new hand cream - the use of hand sanitisers have dried and cracked the skin on my hands so I shopped for some new hand cream that does not make my eczema flare up (reminds me of what my hands looked and felt like upon bringing a newborn baby home - all that extra hand washing). 
  • Walking - I remembered the importance of movement and exercise while; travelling, eating restaurant food and the extra inactive time from reading. 
  • Relaxing - my slow time without a set schedule or appointments.      

Mind Nourishing:

  • Visiting new places - landscapes, galleries, contemporary and historical buildings. These experiences are when I build knowledge and make new connections about people, history, places, the natural world, colours, textures, shapes, smells and taste.  These are the moments when inspiration strikes and new dreams are made.

Soul Nourishing: 
  • Mindful moments - taking the time to sit and absorb the environment around me; seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Taking a time out from the smart phone, social media, and not always looking though the lens of a camera.
  • Companionship - spending quality time with hubby and reconnecting with friends.
  • Creating new artwork - exploring the landscape's colours, textures and form. Feeling excited that you've worked out how to synthesise the landscape into your creative style.  

Connect and share with me: 
What does your Dream Nourishing time look like? 

If you need help in how you too can add Dream Nourishing into your regular life take a look at my creative coaching program How To Accomplish Your Creative Life

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