Leanne Barrett: SCBWI Sydney Conference in Pictures

Tuesday 5 March 2019

SCBWI Sydney Conference in Pictures

This is my wrap-up of the SCBWI Sydney Conference (25 February 2019) and the Masterclasses (26 February 2019) in photo form, with a few points that resonated with me from each session that I attended

It was privileged to be a Roving Report for the conference.

If I had to sum up the two days in one word it would be CONNECTIONS. 
Connections with people, connections with words and pictures, connections with your community and how to be connected with your audience.

Though out this blog there will be links added to connect you the blogs written for SCBWI by the Roving Reporters. At the end of the blog is a list of links for sessions that I did not attend. 


Conference Opening
Susanne Gervay had the conference attendees entranced as she introduced
the conference team, including: Deb Abela, Sue Whiting
and Jodie Wells-Slowgrove

How to make yourself more marketable as a writer - and sell more books
Speakers: Allison Tait & Valerie Khoo
(This was one of my Roving Reporter blog posts) 

You are the business.
Build your profile.
Connect with your audience & community.
Celebrate the baby steps. 

The Craft and Passion of Inspirational Books
Speaker: Julia Marshall
Great books connect with readers.
Celebrate the Quite & Voice.
It must come from the heart.
Stay true to voice but be unafraid of taking risks.


The Craft and Business of Getting and Staying Published
Speaker: Mira Reisberg
Love and nurture your craft.
Play and have fun.
Make us care.
Make it fresh.
Keep the reader in mind.

Illustrator Session: What is an Art Director really looking for,
 from portfolio, title covers to illustrations?

Speaker: Sarah Davis
Confidence of techniques and mediums.
Connection between characters.

Learn how to draw: life drawing,
pose for yourself, observe & collect.
Research the market, target publishers regarding
your illustration style.
Find you illustration voice.
Portfolios need to contain your best work -
if in doubt leave it out.
Show narrative.

Pitch Perfect: Pitch to Publishers
Pitcher in Photo: Cate Whittle MC: Nicole Godwin & Tracey Hawkins
One needs bravery to share your words with a whole conference room.

Success in Book Publishing
Speaker: Vivian Kirkfield
What are your own dreams?
Passion: Love what you love to write.
Create a stockpile of stories.
Do something else while you wait for a response from a publisher.
Read lots of the genre you write in.
Participate in Challenges: 12 x 12 picture books, Story Storm,
ReFoReMo, #50PreciousWords
Connect with your community.
Hone your craft.
Connect with the heart.

Masterclass B: Picture Book Illustration 101: Bringing My Dead Bunny to Life
Speaker: James Foley
(This was one of my Roving Reporter blog posts) 
Create cast sheets with all the characters together.
All characters should be recognisable from their silhouette.

Masterclass D: Picture Books with Essie White
The marriage of text and art.

Title needs to be engaging.
Your first sentence should snag & hook the reader.
Keep the story moving forward.
The ending has to be satisfying.
Make the characters memorable.
Leave readers thinking, feeling & wondering.
Characters need spirit, personality and emotion.

Extra Photos with the ACT SCBWI Members:

Leanne, Aleesah (Qld.) and Catherine.

Conference & Masterclass Sessions with no photos:

Author Session: Let's talk vision! Are your story elements all working together?
Speakers: Linsay Knight, Heather Curdie, Mary Vernay & Eve Tonelli

Fun & Fames with James Foley and Sarah Davis 

Illustrator Showcase 

Manuscript Critiques 

Masterclass A: Picture Books with Julia Marshall and Cathie Tasker 

Masterclass C: Writing Great Dialogue with Zoe Walton 

Masterclass E: How to Hook and Keep Your Reader with Humour with Mira Reisberg 

Masterclass F: Conquering the Slush Pile and Crafting Your Story with Diane Evans too

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