Leanne Barrett: March Book Launches

Sunday 24 March 2019

March Book Launches

On Saturday, 24 March 2019, I attended the book launch for Grandma's treasured shoes, created by Coral Vass and Christina Huynh and published by the National Library of Australia.

Coral has masterfully told a story about shoes while sensitivity revealing the story of a refugee family. Shoes can tell remarkable tales about someone's life; 

Dance in the dark shoes, 
worn and torn shoes, 
escaping shoes, 
school shoes,
and dancing dress shoes.
(shoes types from Grandma's treasured shoes

As Christina first picture book illustrations are heartfelt, as it intertwines her own family's story of coming to Australia from Vietnam. We were honoured that she shared treasured items that her family carried on their journey across the sea to Australia.  

Congratulations so Susan Hall and all of the NLA Publishing Team on the publication of another story that shares the past and present stories that shape the nation of Australia. 

Christina & Coral

Susan Hall - NLA Publishing and Guest Speaker, Alex Sloan

Back: Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern, author
Front: Leanne & Kerry Malone, author

Sarah, Belle & Leanne
(Photo courtesy of Tania McCartney)

Afternoon Tea (Photo courtesy of Coral Vass)
Candice (NLA), Leanne, Sarah, Tania McCartney (Author/Illustrator), Coral & Stephanie Owen Reeder (Author/Illustrator)

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