Leanne Barrett: Dragons and Vets: August Children's Book Author Talks @ Harry Hartog

Monday 28 August 2017

Dragons and Vets: August Children's Book Author Talks @ Harry Hartog

Have you ever dreamed of ....
Having a dragon as a special friend?
Being a vet when you grow up?

If your answer is yes, then the authors hosted by Harry Hartog Bokseller
Westfield Woden in August have written the perfect books for you.

Cate Whittle the writer of the Trouble series, launched the forth and last book in the series, Trouble and the Exploding HouseIn this story a man from the Government wants to blow up Georgia's house. What is Georgia going to do to stop her house from being destroyed?

The Trouble books have a special place in the heart of Canberra's children's book lovers and the launch attracted children and adults - who are still children at heart. 

The children who attended the book launch had a variety of opinions about what was going to happen to Georgia's house;
"I think they'll save it."
"I think it [the house] will blow up."
"I think someone is going to save them."

To read a review by Kids' Book Review for the book Trouble and the Exploding House see here.

If you love animals or want to be a vet and also like mysteries then author Rebecca Johnson has written two series that are just right for you. 


Rebecca's Vet Convention at Harry Hartog attracted around 80 children over two sessions. Each child brought along a pet (stuffed animal) and Rebecca guided them through a session on what real vets do eg. what they use a specimen jar for. At the end of the convention there were many bandaged stuffed toys.

Rebecca shared with the children where some of her story ideas came from. When Rebecca was little she always wanted more pets but Mum said, "No!" Then one day a vet moved next door and her animal adventures began. Rebecca recalled that like many little girls she dreamed of having her own horse. Then one day the RSPCA called the vet asking if he could take on an old horse, he said, "No. But I know someone that might be able to look after the horse." The vet asked her Mum and her Mum said, "Yes!" Rebecca was given the old horse and they had a wonderful time riding together in the bush and at pony club. What an inspirational childhood for many book ideas in the future.

Rebecca is an advocate for teaching Science in Primary Schools. She told the parents that it is really important for children to experience science before the age of nine, as many children by this age have already decided if they they are good at Maths and Science. Rebecca explained to the children that ingredients that can found at home can be used in science experiments. In 2015 Rebecca won the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools, see here.  

Rebecca's final message to the children was...Do science and be kind to animals.

 To read a review by Kids' Book Review for the series Juliet nearly a Vet see here.

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