Leanne Barrett: Creative Life: Week 14 2024 - Mindful Music Listening

Friday 5 April 2024

Creative Life: Week 14 2024 - Mindful Music Listening

Week 14: Listening - Listening to music gives me comfort and pleasure. (SoulSistersToo - Living) 
Intention Setting: Make time each day to listen to some music in a mindful way.

Mindful Music Listening...

I listen to music every day. 
I put music on for background noise while I work. 
I play music for creative inspiration.
I play music in the car.
Sometimes songs pop into my head as a response to the world around me. For instance when I watch the sunrise I think of the songs; Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles or The Morning Has Broken by Yusuf / Cat Stephens.
I pop on the radio when I have an afternoon rest or before I go to sleep.
My days are filled with music 
I do not tend to stop and listen to the music and the words 
This week I have set aside time to...
Listen to music in  in a purposeful and mindful way. 
To notice the bird songs I hear.
To be still and listen to music without doing other tasks.
To listen to a song's lyrics...and sing them too.
To feel the music's beat within my body.
To move my body with the music's rhythm.
To hear music consciously.

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