Leanne Barrett: Creative Life Week 13 2024 - Replenishing Energy

Friday 29 March 2024

Creative Life Week 13 2024 - Replenishing Energy

Week 13: Replenish - I give myself permission today to do nothing, so I can replenish my energy. (SoulSistersToo - Living)
Intention Setting: If I feel low energy I will replenish my energy rather than push through the feeling.

Replenishing Energy...

The wise woman within reminded me that I don't have to push on trying to do things when I have low energy. Instead I can take moments to nurture myself, recharge my batteries and then when I feel more energised I can continue with my to do list.

This week I have replenished my energy through;
  • a home facial - replenishing my skin
  • meditation - replenish my soul and rest my body
  • painting - replenishing my creative spirit
  • watching something funny, laughter - reducing stress
  • reading and completing a word puzzle
  • watching the sunrise and sunset
  • listening to music and podcasts
  • journaling

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