Leanne Barrett: Affirmations for January 2024

Monday 1 January 2024

Affirmations for January 2024

Affirmations for January 2024

This year I will be sharing a whole month's worth of affirmations at the beginning of each month. This will be followed up with weekly sharing my creative life, instead of monthly and weekly collages. 

Monthly Affirmation: Assistance - When I feel overwhelm accept help. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Spirit assist me in seeking assistance before I feel overwhelm.

Week 1: Self Control - Stop! Be calm and relax. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Enjoy each moment of the day. Let go of what you cannot control.

Week 2: Self-Assuredness - I believe in my abilities. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Spirit guide me in knowing that I have what it takes to make my dreams come true. 

Week 3: Rejoice - I will celebrate the small things I achieve. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: I will take moments to pause and celebrate before I move onto my next project or task.

Week 4: Guidance - I will ask for professional help early. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Be open to help that you need. 

Week 5: Forgiveness - I choose not to punish myself for my failures, instead learn how to do things differently. (SoulSistersToo - Soulfilled)
Intention Setting: Spirit please assist me in finding peace and acceptance as I learn how to do things differently. 

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