Leanne Barrett: The Inspiration of a New Calendar

Thursday 16 January 2020

The Inspiration of a New Calendar

The festive season is over, I've opened a new calendar and January 2020 is here. 

Questions and thoughts begin to flow around the topic of goals, the word of the year, what my calling is and most importantly what marks will I make on that blank page.

The first week or two of January have been about planning.
  • Participating in the Woman Unleashed (Amber Kuileimaijai Bonnici) online retreat Solstice and the Schulman Art (Miriam Schulman) workshop about The Art of Art Journaling
  • Brainstorming goals of 2020.
  • Refining the goals list into actionable, bite sized goals.
  • Selection of my word of the year. MOTIVATED
  • Reading and journaling about My Dream Life with the kikki.K (Kristina Karlsson) book Your Dream Life Starts Here
Now I'm feeling more focused and ready to paint with watercolour again. But as always after a break in creating with a specific medium (I'd been using acrylic paint in my art journal not watercolours) the fear of the blank page hits me.

Thinking about how to over come the fear of a blank page, I looked in my shiny objects book and decided to take the Natalie Martin's Skillshare* workshop, Welcome to Watercolour. I found that the class inspired my creativity and refreshed my confidence in watercolour techniques and brush skills.

Infused with confidence, I look forward to a new creative year and exploring my calling. 

Natalie Martin https://nataliemartin.com.au/ 
kikki.K https://www.kikki-k.com/au/home 
Skillshare https://www.skillshare.com/ 
Shulman Art https://www.schulmanart.com/
Woman Unleashed  https://womanunleashed.com/

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