Leanne Barrett: Chickens and Block Printing

Friday 27 July 2018

Chickens and Block Printing

I have been thinking about turning parts of my Adventurous Chicken series into prints, using screen printing
or block printing. This medium of creating art has been an interest of mine since lino-cut printing in high school but it is something that I have not pursued.

I have been planning to create using this method for more than six months, in fact back in  December 2017 I bought a few pieces of rubber called Carve/Print Block.

During this thinking and planning time I knew that I would need to relearn and remember the techniques needed for this printing process. So while in a Brisbane bookshop I bought two books about printing. Now all I needed to do was reclaim or borrow the tools I gave to my sister-in-law when we moved into our apartment (I gave her my lino carving tools and small silk screen).

With my lino-cut tools in hand and my rubber block I carved my tightrope chicken into the rubber block. Just to test the quality of the block I took my stamp pad out and gave the new block a go. My next step is to get a rubber roller and try it out with some paint. I probably need to carve another version of the chicken as my carving skills after a 30 years hiatus need some improvement. But overall I was delighted with the result.

Note: The dark black chicken (bottom right) is a photocopy of my original chicken drawing, the block prints are the lighter chickens.

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