Leanne Barrett: Sketching Ideas Jars - Why a salamander?

Friday 13 April 2018

Sketching Ideas Jars - Why a salamander?

One of  my goals for 2018 was to draw every day. I haven't yet been successful with this daily practice. So this week I joined a new group, Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop, it will begin in late April. I hope by doing this workshop that it will help me with my daily drawing.

How did I find this group?
Nina Rycroft highlighted this workshop at the end of her blog How to use your sketchbook practice to find your illustration style. In Nina's blog I read about Idea Jars. Idea Jars are filled with words to help inspire you to draw. I now have 3 jars labelled; animal, objects and actions, and in these jars I have 380 words.

I bought a new sketchbook for the workshop and decided that I needed to conquer my fear of how bad or good my drawings are in this book. It's about practice, ideas and opening yourself to creativity. 'But I don't want to ruin my new book!' I heard my inner child say to that horrible inner critic. I reminded myself that if I can do what ever I want in my Intuitive Art Journal (Sylvia Marris) no judgements, then I can do the same to my drawing sketchbook! Today I drew out the word the animal - Salamander.
My inner conversation went like this.

Me 1: What the heck! I don't want to draw a salamander! Put it back, now!!!
Me 2: You wrote it.
Me 1: Yeah but I don't want to draw that animal! Put it back, no one will know.
Me 2: I'll know!
Me 1: Great make me feel guilty. Why did I put that animal in the jar?
Me 2: (silence)
Me 1: Okay, okay. It's about practice. Stretching myself creativity.
Me 2: Yes
Me 1: I don't even know what they really look like.
Me 2: Reference pictures. Google it.
Me 1: Okay but my drawing is going to look terrible.
Me 2: That's okay it's your sketchbook. Jen Storer says, 'Do the verk!' and Sylvia Marris says 'No judgements.'

So I drew a salamander.
Judgement - it's not great. No judging is really hard.
I did the VERK. One quick messy colourful drawing. I love the pink and purple combination on green.
I posted it onto the Character Design Weekly Challenge 3 in 30 to show others I'm doing the work, even it's messy, that's ok because not everything I draw comes out right all the time. My drawings take time. I'm not one of those artists that can draw something easily on the spot. 

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