Leanne Barrett: Art Journal: Collage of Hearts

Friday 21 July 2017

Art Journal: Collage of Hearts

I love attending art classes with Sylvia Marris because her intuitive painting stretches me outside of my usual style and comfort zones. This is a place where I can try out different;

  • processes
  • art mediums
  • stamps
  • stencils
  • collage
  • acrylic paint pens
  • designs and doodles

Using an Art Journal.
This week I began my Art Journal. The art journal is a place that I can explore without judgements (I feel this way about all my my art @ Sylvia's). A place where I can add left over paint to explore other art elements using layering at another time. It is also a place where I can doodle designs without judgement.

Collage of Hearts.
Today we experimented using a stamp from Art Foamies. I chose the Bea's Heart stamp. Syliva had us add a variety of paints to the foam buddy and then randomly place the stamp on a double page spread. Then let it dry before adding the next layer.

Knowing that this layer will be totally covered up during the layering process still stresses me out. But I try to take comfort that parts of this stamps's design and the colours I chose will still show through in the final image - just let go Leanne, is the mantra I tell myself. And once I let go it is the most uplifting and soothing experience. 'A bit like yoga,' says Sonia one of the other ladies in the class.

Stick on tissue paper
The next steps are to add layers using collage, paint, designs and giving the pages a boarder. Remember that the picture must be dry before the next layer is added. 

Some of the paper we used to collage with was good quality white tissue paper, with randomly stamped images or blocks of paint on it, made by Sylvia. It is a good way to use up left over paint and creates supplies that can be used in other paintings.

The step of layering on blocks of colour over a design that I like the look of is always scary for me. But given permission to experiment in the art journal helped me to let my thoughts go and just create. 

And I always take heart that as long as you use a harmonious colour palate that your picture's colours will always look right. 

Add blocks of acrylic colour to the pages
Using stencils and pens add back and white designs to the page
Add boarders using the original colour palate 

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