Leanne Barrett: Book Launch: Amy Laurens

Saturday 3 June 2017

Book Launch: Amy Laurens

On a cool, first night of winter, we gathered at Harry Hartog, Woden, to meet Canberra's newest novelist, Amy Laurens. 

Book shelves had been pushed back to accommodate the large crowd that waited for the launch of Amy Laurens's first novel, Where Shadow Rise, the first book in her juvenile fantasy series, Sanctuary

People were eager to speak to Amy and get their books signed, even before it was officially launched. This group included four teenage girls who were so excited they were giggling and jiggling while they were fanning on the side waiting their turn to congratulate Amy and have her sign their book. 

Amy is a bubbly and insightful young woman who has been writing stories and plays since she was in primary school. She even turned her spelling words sentence activity into an opportunity to write stories. 

Amy told the audience that she realised halfway though her sensible university degree studying topics like law and linguistics that she really did prefer writing, 'I feel more sane on the days I write' says Amy. 

She is a deep thinker, 'Story telling is fundamental to human beings. I like to explore humanity though stories.' 

When talking about her writing Amy says, 'Now I can give priority to my words.' The next books in the Sanctuary series are due for release in late 2017 an early 2018.

To see a complete list of Amy's other publications go here. Or to find out more about Amy Laurens see her Website and Facebook page.


  1. Great wrap up! I was at the launch too - it was a lot of fun - and also noticed the teens. Love seeing young people so excited about books!