Leanne Barrett: Canberra Women Writers Network Launch

Saturday 6 May 2017

Canberra Women Writers Network Launch

Recipe for Collaboration
Take 30 women.
Place them in the main hall of Gorman House.
Add an interest in writing.
A large splash of enthusiasm and support.
Sprinkle with a generous dose of hope.
Stir, no bake required.
You have a Canberra Women Writers Network.
Eat straight away.

Last night was the launch of the Canberra Women Writers Network. 

The Noted Festival gave a group of inspirational female writers; Rhyll Biest, Bec Fleming, Rose Chen and Stella Frances a fabulous opportunity to launch a new network for women writers in Canberra.

These four ladies met at through the Romance Writers of Australia. They have a passion for writing, creating and supporting other women in their pursuits.

Bec explained that if you have a passion for writing and you belong, "Even if you don't consider yourself as a writer."

Stella, Rose, Bec and Rhyll

The women in the room voiced some of the following ideas for the network;

  • raise the profile of women writers and artists
  • getting more genres out there
  • promoting diverse writers
  • a need for true collaboration
  • connect with someone to critic and give feedback on your work
  • sharing ideas
  • culture of support
  • empowerment
  • belonging
  • sharing of skills
  • giving hope

Their next meeting is the second Saturday of the month, 13 May 2017, at the Milk CrateShop 6. 12 Moore Street and 16 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra City.

For more information go to their Website or Facebook page.

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