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Welcome to SoulSistersToo!

I’m so pleased to share with you my zine that explores what living a soulfilled creative life means to me.

Why soulfilled and not soulful?
Soulfilled is when I live a creative life, filling my soul with moments of peace, joy, beauty, eclectic knowledge, following my curiosities and interact with my soul tribe.

SoulSistersToo will hopefully inspire your own reflection, explorations and creative discoveries via the three overarching zine themes; Soulfilled, Living and Creative.

On these pages I reveal how I connect with and reflect on the alignment of my body, mind and spirit. I invite you to take action and co-create.

Discover how I surround my life with joy, beauty, and places or things that light me up. Join me in taking a deep dive into how to live a more abundant and creative life.

When choosing to live a creative life, part of the creative process is to share our creations with others. In this section of the zine I share my creative process and moments of serendipity that led to creative pursuits.

After all; a creative creates, a writer writes, an artist paints and a musician makes music.

May all my Soul Sisters too have fun following your curiosities.

Love Leanne

If you are interested in receiving a free pdf copy of Issue 1 then please email me at info@leannebarrett.com 

Issue 1

Issue 2:

Next Issue: Coming Soon

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