Leanne Barrett: Photos 2018

Photos 2018

Leanne Out and About - Events 2018

Leanne and Karen
Visiting Shellharbour Village
18 December 2018

Canberra Writers of  Children's Stories - Christmas Dinner
B: Sylvia, Bronwyn & Leanne
F: Krys, Christina C. and Janine
10 December 2018

Tania McCartney's 'Mamie' Book Launch
Tania, Belle & Leanne
8 December 2018

Kids' Book Review reviewers; Sarah W, Sarah S, Tania (founder) & Leanne
ACT Writers Centre Christmas Party
6 December 2018

Cate and Leanne
ACT Writers Centre Christmas Party
6 December 2018

Suitcase Rummage
1 December 2018

Leanne's 1st Suitcase Rummage
6 October 2018

Cate, Iona, Tania, Leanne, Catherine & Suzy with bub.
Canberra Children's Illustrators Group
16 September 2018

Leanne exploring the National Gallery of Victoria
August 30 2018

Leanne, Craig, Nicole, Cate & Jacqueline
Charlie's Adventures in South Africa Book Launch
25 August 2018

Irene, Leanne, Nicole, Cate & Holly
Billie Book Launch
20 August 2018

Leanne & Shani
Rare Pear Studio Watercolour Workshop
19 August 2018
Leanne & Shaye
SCBWI ACT: Putting Yourself in the Picture
15 August 2018

Leanne with Ron Brooks
NLA Open Day
(Photo from Tania McCartney)

Leanne & Tania
Ready to enjoy the NLA Open Day
(Photo from Tania McCartney)

Leanne, Cate and Karen
Launch of Cate's book 'Wyrd'
Love Your Bookshop Day, 11 August

Cate, Tania, Catherine, Maura, Leanne & Stephanie
Shaye, mini-Shaye, Shelly
May Gibbs Touring Display - Queanbyean Library
Exhibition Opening, 30 July 

The ACT Gang
Grace, Emma, Devon & Leanne
CYA Conference 2018, 7 July

Kids' Book Review Team
Leanne, Dimity and Cherri
CYA Conference 2018, 7 July

Leanne & Karen
CYA Conference 2018, 7 July.

Canberra Children's Illustrators Group - June Meeting
Back: Irene, Kelly, Catherine, Amie, Danielle & Leanne
Front: Tania, Suzy & Iona
(Missing from the photo Genevieve) 

Leanne - Artist @ work
SFX Writers Festival
26 June 2018

Shelly Unwin's Blast Off! Launch
@ Harry Hartog, 19 May
Leanne, Shelly, Shaye & Tania.
Canberra Children's Illustrators - May Meeting
Back: Genevieve, Tig, Jess,  Leanne & Cate
Front: Iona, Kelly & Lynley
Launch of Leife Shallcross's
1st novel The Beast's Heart
26 April 2018

Creative Kids Tales Writers Festival
Ruth-Mary, Maria, Karen, Susanne & Leanne
Treehouse Tribe members meet.
Leanne & Ruth-Mary
ACT Writer's Centre Course Attendees
Catch Up At Another Event
Karen & Leanne

Canberra Children's Illustrators - March Meeting
Back: Danielle, Tania, Stephanie, Genevieve & Leanne
Front: Jess, Kelly, Catherine and Suzy

Tania turns 21 again.
L-R standing: Irma, Tania, Emma and Genevive
L-R seated: Stephanie, Leanne, Pauline, Grace and Danielle. 
Leanne gifts Tania
Freda Coyo Flamingo's Birthday
(Acrylic paints on canvas)
Danielle and Leanne

Canberra Children's Illustrators
Genevieve, Catherine, Shaye, Iona, Cate, Leanne
Will, Irene and Amie

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